Introducing the RS PRO range

RS PRO, the own brand of RS, offers the largest choice in the industry, covering all technologies and working environments, we can combine products into integrated solutions to make our customers' professional lives easier.
Simplifying procurement, ensuring unrivalled value and efficiency. The RS PRO Seal of Approval is your assurance of professional quality, a guarantee that every part is rigorously tested, inspected and audited to demanding standards. RS PRO is the smart choice for our customers.

Our 3 pillars: Quality, Choice and Value

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With thousands of quality products and solutions to choose from, RS PRO has the largest offering in the industry. Below you are sure to find the right product for your needs.

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Your Smart Choice for Automation Efficiency


Keep your production line fully efficient, ensuring effectiveness and energy savings. RS PRO offers you a complete set of products across multiple technologies to help you maximise automation efficiency daily.

Our brand, history and projects

A legacy of a strong brand and quality products.

Since 1937, RS has been selling products using it’s own label.

Our own brand RS PRO is an extension of our roots and legacy as a company. The first product catalogue up to 1980 only sold RS branded parts.

With quality tested by our engineers

Our team of in-house engineers work with independent organisations to confirm compliance and ensure the right levels of quality.

And we keep on standing behind our products.

Today the RS PRO range comes backed by the RS PRO Seal of Approval meaning that all products have been tested to the relevant standards.

RS Pro Seal of Approval

• AUDITED in compliance with industry standards

• INSPECTED for guaranteed quality and performance

• TESTED by leading engineers

Our own brand, at your disposal

RS PRO Customer Review

Hear what MACE said about RS PRO and why they use the RS own brand range for all their needs.

Mission: Energy efficiency

RS PRO-BOT is here to help you be more efficient, and he's taking an energy-saving tour all around the world of industry.

RS PRO Sensing Technologies

Join RS PRO-BOT as it travels through a manufacturing site exploring a variety of sensing applications and solutions.

All RS Pro categories

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Pressure Gauges (323)

Toggle Switches & Slide Switches (228)

Wire to Board Cables & Ribbon Cable (170)

Capacitive, Magnetic and Piezo Switches (136)

Micro Switches & Detector Switches (136)

Rotary Switches & Components (106)

Rocker Switches & Components (81)

LEDs - Light Emitting Diodes (49)

Battery Chargers & Power Banks (46)

Signal Conditioners & Isolators (44)

Printing & Scanning (39)

Lead Screws, Ball Screws & Ball Splines (37)

Vacuum Components (35)

Magnets & Magnetic Strips (32)

Joysticks & Components (13)

Phones & Walkie Talkies (11)

Manual Grease Guns & Accessories (10)

Carbon Fibre & Felt Sheets (8)

Rope Pull Switches & Components (7)

Passive Components Kits (5)

Keyboard & Keypad Switches (4)

Automated Air Blowers (4)

Barcode Scanners & Accessories (3)

Writing & Drawing Supplies (3)

Power Management ICs (2)

Car Technology (2)

Cleaning Equipment (1)

Memory & Data Storage (1)

Mobile Computing (1)

PCB Spacers, Pillars & Supports (1)

Safety Interlock Switches & Components (1)